User Program Communication

User Input in Go

Used to accept text input from the user.

//stores space separated values into successive arguments
var storageVariable variableType
fmt.Scan(&storageVariable) //assuming fmt is imported

//reads line all in one go
reader := bufio.NewReader(os.Stdin) //create new reader, assuming bufio imported
var storageString string
storageString, _ := reader.ReadString('\n')


The Scan function is part of "fmt", so make sure that package is imported. Fmt also comes with Scanf (for specifying string formatting) and Scanln (for scanning until the end of the line). The Scan functions store to a pointer variable.

The scan function itself returns the number of successfully scanned items and if necessary, an error (in that order). It is good practice to error check when using the Scan function.

The Scan functions are used for splitting space-delimited tokens, whereas the reader is used to read full lines.

package main

import (

func main() {
    //reading an integer
    var age int
    fmt.Println("What is your age?")
    _, err: fmt.Scan(&age)

    //reading a string
    reader := bufio.newReader(os.Stdin)
    var name string
    fmt.Println("What is your name?")
    name, _ := reader.readString("\n")

    fmt.Println("Your name is ", name, " and you are age ", age)

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