Control Flow

For Each in Go

The for-each loop iterates through every element in an array, slice, string, or map without specifying the length. It uses the range keyword.

for key, value := range collection {
    //the individual keys and values are held in the iterator variable
    //key or value can be dropped if one or the other is not needed using '_'


Each element is assigned temporary iterator variables, declared in the for-each structure.

For any associative data structure, to get only values, use 'for _, value'. To get only keys, use 'for key'.

Order is not necessarily guaranteed in a for each iteration.

studentGrades := [3]int{50, 89, 75}

for _, grade := range studentGrades { 
    fmt.Println("Grade: ", grade)
} //prints each value of the array studentGrades (each loop is an element of studentGrades assigned to grade variable).

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