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Friend Function
Language: C++

Friend functions can access private and protected members of a class object passed into the function.

Language: C++

A function is a block of code that can be called from another location in the program or class. It is used to reduce the repetition of multiple lines of code. The return statement concludes the execution of the block of code. The function can either return a value (of dataType, declared in the function header), or return nothing (use the 'void' dataType). Within classes, functions are known are 'Methods'.

Including Header Files
Language: C++

A C++ program can include header files. They are used to provide either an interface, which gives function prototypes for definition, or to provide pre-defined definitions.

Operator Overloading
Language: C++

Similar to function overloading, where functionality varies depending on different numbers and types of inputs, operators can be overloaded as well, within a class.

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