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Namespaces in C++

Namespaces allow the grouping of named entities within a certain area in a program. It is used to reduce collisions of entities with the same name.

//declaring a namespace
namespace name_of_namespace{
    //entities, which may include methods or variables

//accessing a member of a namespace, not being 'used'

//to use a namespace within a certain area
using namespace std;
//to access a member of a namespace being used


If you do not want to type the namespace every time a member is accessed, you can 'use' the namespace. It is good practice not to 'use' a namespace (an exception is std).

//namespace declaration
namespace mathFunctions {
    int max(int a, int b) { return a > b ? a : b ;}

//access a member of that namespace
int newNumber = mathFunctions::max(3, 5);

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