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Class Declaration and Structure
Language: C#

Classes are a blueprint for creating individual objects that contain the general characteristics of a defined object type.

Variable Declaration
Language: C#

Used to declare a variable. Variables can be implicitly or explicitly typed. Variables declared this way (without a static modifier) within classes are called instance variables. They belong to an instance of the class (i.e. an object).

Abstract Methods and Classes
Language: C#

Abstract methods, similar to methods within an interface, are declared without any implementation. They are declared with the purpose of having the child class provide implementation. They must be declared within an abstract class. A class declared abstract may or may not include abstract methods. They are created with the purpose of being a super class.

Access Modifiers
Language: C#

Access modifiers restrict or permit direct access to a member (method, class, field, etc.) outside of a class or scope.

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