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Interfaces in C#

An interface provides a framework for a class. It gives method signatures and constants to the class to be implemented. A class that uses an interface implements the interface.

modifier interface interfaceName {
    //constant declarations    
    //method signatures

modifer class className : interfaceName {
   //methods from the interface


An interface only contains method signatures and constants, which means it contains no implementation code. All method signatures must be given implementation in any class that implements the interface.

Anything within an interface is implicitly public, unless specified with a modifier.

public interface Country {
    //all classes that implement Country must have the method getCapital()
    public string getCapital(); 
public class NACountry : Country {
    string capitalCity;    
    public NACountry(string capitalCity) {
        this.capitalCity = capitalCity;        

    public string getCapital(){ //implemented method signature from the interface
        return capitalCity;

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