Structures in C

A structure stores several data items and variables.

struct structureName { 
//member declarations 

//to access a structure member
struct structureName structureInstanceName; //creating a structure instance
givenName.member; //standard members
givenName->member; //pointer members


Structures can be passed as function arguments (using the struct data type).
Structures must be declared as an instance to be accessed.
Structures can be pointers, similar to variables.

To avoid having to type out 'struct' all the time, the typedef keyword can be used when declaring the structure. This way, 'struct' only needs to be used when declaring the structure, and can be omitted when creating an instance of it.

struct Car { 
    char make[50]; 
    char model[50]; 
    int year; 

struct Car myCar;
myCar.year = 2014;

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